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Fast Service Call: 843-238-3210

CWare Computer Services is dedicated to providing our clients with quality service, using industry standard parts at reasonable prices. CWare specializes in computer services –repair – data recovery, as well as support for all of our clients home and business requirements. CWare is a registered Partner with Microsoft, Intel, HP, and Seagate, which assures our clients the highest level of quality and professional service. CWare is located in Surfside Beach, South Carolina and was incorporated in 1989 by E. Lacey Aaron, Jr.

CWare Computer Services staff offers expertise in diagnostics, professional assessment, data recovery, installations, and instruction, delivering excellence in affordable computer services through the incorporation of the latest available technology. Our commitment to exceed industry standards is an ongoing promise from our staff.

CWare Computer Services is an authorized Intel Product Dealer as well as a Microsoft Registered Partner, which grants CWare full authorization to sell, install and diagnose all Intel & Microsoft products. CWare has over 20 years impeccable credit terms with TechData, ASI, Synnex, and Microsoft. These companies provide the real ISA standard of quality in hardware & software.

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